Why You Need to AB Test with Facebook Ads

If you’ve decided to run a campaign using Facebook ads for your business, service, or product, I recommend A/B testing the images to see what your audience responds to the best. If you’re not familiar with the term, A/B testing is a marketing strategy that tests two or more versions of the same ad (or landing page, website, marketing email) against each other to see which one performs the best. You may think that you’d be able to predict which image would get the best response, but you might be surprised by which image comes out on top.

Why does this matter? Like most things, it all comes down to money. You are paying for your Facebook ads, so you want to use the one that gets the most clicks.

That’s why in my Facebook Ads Design Package, I offer 3 images so that you can test them all, figure out which works best, and then put all your money toward using the best-converting ads. It’s all about them dolla bills $$$ :)

Read on to learn which types of images to test, check out some real-life examples, and learn what other Facebook ad resources are available.

Types of Images to Test For Facebook Ads

People are fickle, and you never really know what will capture their attention. Here are some suggestions for different image types to try:

• Styled desktop shot
• Professional portrait of you (especially if you’re the face of your biz—a life coach, for example)*
• Lifestyle image of someone doing an activity your ideal client would like (hiking in nature, coffee with a friend, playing with children … that also ties into your offering)
• Landscape image
• Illustrative pattern or design

Of course the success of these images is dependent on the audience you’re targeting. You might choose a photograph and a graphic/illustrative image to test, or a lifestyle with a personal portrait. If your images are too similar, the results may be marginal.

*If the audience doesn’t know you, using a picture of yourself might not be best choice because they won’t recognize you. However, warm audiences (an audience that is familiar with you) may like seeing your image in an ad, making it more effective.

Real-life Examples of Facebook Ads

So, let’s see this in action, shall we? Here are some images I created for clients who purchased my Facebook Ad Design package.

Salon Course Facebook Ads

Audience: Women who own their own salons and want to increase sales in their salon (these ads were for an e-course to increase their profits)

What we tested: Different salon images. We used a regular glamour type shot of a girl who clearly had her hair and make up done, a glamour shot of a girl who was actually in the process of getting her make-up done and then a lifestyle image of an actual salon. While two of the images are both glamorous, one is showing work getting done and the other is just a pretty picture. Another option (one that we eventually got rid of because we had too many “hair” related images and the client wanted to add a make-up one) just had all hair tools (straighteners, brushes, etc), but that would have been a great addition to test as well!
Facebook Ad Design AB Testing Examples
Office Oxygen Facebook Ads

Audience: Office Managers/People in charge of buying products for employees. Office Oxygen sells fun office supplies like breakroom toys, employee prizes and fidget toys (for concentration while working).

What we tested: We used a few office images, but added in some fun embellishments to promote the “make work fun” slogan they use. They chose a lifestyle shot (guy in his cubicle), an over the top image with a few products placed on a desk an image with people using their product with the background stripped out and some color added in. This “Fidget To Focus” image one actually tested the best for them!

Facebook Ad Design AB Testing Examples
Free Coaching Worksheets Facebook Ads

Audience: business coaches who are women and love fun, travel and also need help growing their business.

What we tested: We tested different “fun” images – girl on the beach, girl with confetti and then a girl in a pretty pair of red shoes. The sexy red shoes actually tested best for Coach Glue, so for the next round we stuck with sexier images than fun and carefree ones. An example of a good reason to test images!
Facebook Ad Design AB Testing Examples

Facebook Ads Resources

Want to learn more about Facebook ads? I’ve got you covered!

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Farideh has a great post on A/B Testing Facebook Ads Here
Have you tested Facebook ads? What was your experience?


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