How to Design Facebook Ad Images Effectively

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Facebook Ad Design Guide Ebook

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Facebood Ad Design Guide Ebook

To promote my new Ebook, I thought it would be fun to take a few of my favorite TV Shows and pretend that these fictional TV businesses were going to do a Facebook ad campaign.

Here are a few things to remember when designing Facebook Ad images:

Facebook has a 20% text rule. Now according to Facebook they are not enforcing this in the same way anymore. They will no longer reject your ad for having more than 20% text, but the more text your ad has over the 20% limit the less effective your Facebook Ad will be. In other words, there will be less of a reach for more marketing dollars. No one wants that! That’s why it’s best to still stick with the 20% Text Rule.

Pick an image that your ideal client will stop and look at. Something that stands out to them. Same with fonts and colors (though if you have brand colors and fonts, I suggest using those in your ads)

When trying Facebook Ads, test at least 3 different Facebook Ad Images to see what your ideal clients like and are drawn to. One sort of Ad may work better than another.

Cold audiences (marketing to people who don’t know you or your business) and Warm Audiences (people, potential clients and current who already know your and/or your business) will most likely be drawn to different images. Warm audiences will recognize your brand in a Facebook Ad where as cold audiences won’t. Pictures of yourself (if you’re the face of your business) may work better with warm audiences versus cold audiences.

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And just for fun, some fictional Facebook Ads from some of my favorite TV shows:

The Office:

Facebook Ad Design Example

Did you know they sell Dunder Mifflin Paper at Staples?? How funny is that?!

Facebook Ad Design Example

And of course that time that Michael started his own paper company because he was upset with how David the CFO was treating him. I feel like if we would do a Facebook Ad for his business it would be a picture of him with him quoting another person. Oh, Michael. :)


Facebook Ad Design Example

If you haven’t watched Psych, (or you don’t have the great love that I do for the show. But really, how could you NOT love it?), you might not get the Pineapple reference, but there’s a Pineapple placed somewhere in every single episode. Kinda like Superman was in Seinfeld. A pineapple would definetly appeal to his target audience because he’s kind of like a pineapple himself. Exotic and unexpected.

Parks and Rec:

Facebook Ad Design Example

Oh, Leslie Knopp HATES libraries! And she adores the parks. So this is the perfect ad that she would have created. Though, if I was anything like Tom, maybe I could have come up with snazzier copy for this ad. Treat Yo’ Self.

Facebook Ad Design Example
We all know this is where Leslie was headed anyway. Be the Leslie Knopp of everything you do.

Gilmore Girls:

Facebook Ad Design Example
I couldn’t resist this Ad for Luke’s Diner with an honest to goodness quote for the man himself…let’s be real though Luke probably doesn’t still have a Facebook page or smart phone or any sort of technology like that. Maybe he hired Kirk to run the Luke’s Diner Facebook page. I guess we’ll know soon when the NEW EPISODES GET RELEASED!! I am SOOO excited I can’t stand it.

Facebook Ad Design ExampleI wanted to use a great picture of Dragonfly Inn for their fake ad, but it was hard to find a good one! So, this picture of a pretty breakfast that I can imagine Sookie whipped up will have to do. I would totally want to book a room at this Inn (not that I needed much arm twisting before the ad).

There you have it. Hopefully those Facebook Ads will give you the spark you need to create your own Facebook Ads images! In my new ebook, I take you through the steps I go through to create Facebook Ad images for clients and how you can design Facebook Ad images for yourself too! I give video tutorials for Photoshop and Picmonkey and am happy to help if you have any questions! Buy your copy now!

Facebook Ad Design Guide Ebook

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Design Your Own Facebook Ads

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