Fix Blurry Images on Facebook

I see so many posts in Facebook groups about people being disappointed with their graphics that look fine on their computer, but then the images are blurry when they upload them to Facebook or some other website. That’s totally frustrating, I know!

There’s good news though! There are a few things you can try to get rid of images that are blurry all together. Wahoooooo!

Let’s start at the beginning with the image basics:

Make sure you’re using the correct dimensions for the site you’re uploading to.

Make sure the image is saved in the RGB color space (RGB is for web, CMYK is for print)

Make sure any images you’ve included in your graphic are big enough that you’ve not stretched them out too much and pixelated them. You can find the pixel size of any image by right clicking on an image and going to “Get Info” on a Mac. On a PC you can open an image in Microsoft paint and go to File > Properties.

If all those are correct, here are a few things to try:

Save your image as a PNG instead of a JPEG. PNG’s display graphic work (no actual photo) and text better than JPEGs. It will appear crisper and more sharp.

Double the image size. So, if the image is supposed to be 200×350, create the image at 400×700. As long as you keep the proportions, it will still upload correctly. Facebook (and other sites) tend to downsample their images so that their file size is smaller and sometimes this affects the quality. I’ve found doubling the pixel size keeps it from losing quality.

Look at your file size and check if it is under 100mb. I’ve read a few people having trouble with Facebook compressing their images over 100mb

Some General Rules I follow:

I always create my Facebook and Instagram images at 1000×1000 pixels. While the minimum needed is 640×640, I stick with 1000×1000 pixels so I don’t have to deal with the blurry photo issue and because that way if they ever change the pixel size to something larger, I won’t have to worry how my old posts look. Also, when people click on my images on Facebook they pop up nice and big so they’re easier to see!

I do the same for Cover Photos (read this post about Facebook cover photos), for both Facebook and Twitter I double the size too.

I hope this is helpful to you! Images that are blurry or don’t display properly are so frustrating, especially when you think you’re almost done with your project (totally been there before, and it’s no fun)

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