You’re trying to make it in this visually driven online world. You have endless ideas—you’re creative and driven to build your business straight into success. You know what you’ve got is awesome, but you need other people to notice too. You want them to be impressed by you. Dazzled by your products. Drawn in by your brand.

You need a consistent brand, and that brand needs to be AMAZING.

That’s where I come in.

Being an expert judge-a-book-by-its-cover shopper myself, I know the importance of creating a drool-worthy, heart-stopping brand. One that makes you smile and get ALLLLL THE FEELS from your toes right up to every single shiny hair on that gorgeous head of yours.

I can take your ideas, your passions, everything that makes your business uniquely you and translate them into your perfect brand.

That’s right, I don’t just create logos. I want you to have an attention-grabbing, one-of-a-kind brand that you’ll want to display all over your website, social media, business cards and … well, everything! You’ll look professional and oh-so-put-together. And probably a little extra sassy too (because I know you’re the kind of girl that will appreciate that).

What Can We Create Together?

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Work With Me

Designing makes me happy, makes me crazy and makes me want to work late into the night (and sometimes even get up early, GASP!)

After completing a degree in Business and Marketing, I got a job as a graphic designer for a small company. But as a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit, that wasn’t fulfilling enough. I knew I wanted to use my passion for design to help other businesses create beautiful branding and other graphics that helped show off how awesome they were. So in 2013, I decided to start my own design business.

Naming it proved to be a bit of a problem.

It took me weeks to come up with the perfect name. I wanted something that would be light and fun, whimsical and happy. I brainstormed like crazy and came up with some great names—so great that someone was already using them. Annnnnd it was back to the drawing board.

And then one day (and thousands of ideas later) there it was: Ruby and Sass

Rubies. Shiny, sparkly and bright. Durable, valuable and timeless. Like a diamond, but infinitely more colorful.

And with all that fanciness comes a dash of sass.

When I was little my dad used to tell me to “Stop with the sass.” Now, my husband jokingly tells me something pretty similar. He even nicknamed me Sassness Everdeen (Hunger Games, anyone?). I like to think that I’m sweet with a bit of sass thrown in there for flair. Ruby and Sass speaks to my love of bold colors, witty sense of humor and the bright smile I’m usually wearing.

Megan Ronecker Headshot

Hi, I’m Megan!

Lover all things bright and happy and cheerful.

Nail polish addict.

Highly celebrated chocolate chip cookie baker (and taste-tester).

Wearer of polka dots, stripes and ruffles {but probably not at the same time}

Serial watcher of Netflix {wanna gab about Psych or How I Met Your Mother? I’m your girl.}

Filled with a love for ampersands, type and whimsical details.

And if you want to talk about design I would be more than delighted.

My husband says I’m kind of a nerd about it

And I’m totally okay with that.


{interesting ones, promise!}
8 Random Facts about Megan Ronecker

Gilmore Girls will forever be my all-time favorite show (Luke and Lorelai FOREVER)

My childhood was literally filled with Lisa Frank everything: binders, lunch box, school supplies, the magazine … in fact, I’m still a little sad that they discontinued the magazine.

I used to have my library card memorized, I used it so much. #booknerd

I secretly wish I was a red head.

8 Random Facts about Megan Ronecker

I not so secretly had pink highlights a few years ago and would do it again in a heartbeat if they weren’t so high maintenance.

I have a degree in Business and Marketing—I taught myself design on the side. I thought business wasn’t for me, but it turns out the corporate world wasn’t for me. Running my own business totally is.

When I first bought my Mac and the Adobe Creative Suite in 2012, the only thing I could create in Illustrator were Chevrons. I created chevron after many sizes, so many colors. I was just so happy to be creating something. I drove my husband nuts. He thought I was trying to hypnotize him. Don’t worry, I signed up for a class and learned a thing or two more.

My husband proposed to me at a gas station. Don’t worry, Quiktrip is one of my favorite places. (And if you go there on in your wedding dress like I did, free sodas for all!)

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